Flyvergrillen is a burgerbar located at the end of Amager Landevej. It takes about 35 min (about 2 miles) to walk from the Airport Terminal to Flyvergrillen, walk past the Domestic Terminal and when you come to Gate Goumet, turn left and it just straight ahead. All the movements can be seen from here and good photographs is also possible from this point in the afternoon. After about 4pm the sun is in your back for the rest of the day. Flyvergrillen is open from 10.30 untill dark, but is it possible to spot from there, before it opens.


100mm zoom used. Spot 1 on the map


58mm zoom used. Spot 1 on the map

The walk to Kystvejen is about 15 min from the Terminal. From Terminal 3 (arrivals) go past the taxi's and through the parking lots following the airport buildings. When you come to a round about (at McDonalds, Netto and Statoil) follow the signs to DHL/Cargo walking with the SAS hangars on you righthand side. Here you have the sun in your back untill about 3pm. After that you can go to the other side of the runway or Flyvergrillen. The cargoarea at the eastern end of the airport can also be seen from this spot. The main operator of the cargoapron here are DHL, Korean Air, Fedex, Singapore Airlines Cargo and China Eastern Cargo. From Kystvejen the aircraft parked outside the SAS hangars can be seen. Kystvejen is a noparking zone, so don't park your car there!!! Drive past the runway lights and park your car at one of the parking lost on you right hand side just a little further on. When 22L are in use this is the place to be.


72mm zoom used. Spot 3 on the map


195mm zoom used. Spot 3 on the map

St. Magleby
When runway 04R are in use there is a good spot on Hovedgaden. From this point very good photographs can be taken with the sun behind you untill about 3pm, but a ladder is needed (4 or 5 steps) because there are dobb fences. If you turn left down Nordre Kinkegade and take the small road that follow the fence you can take good pictures as the planes turn into the runway, here there are only one fence. Please remember to have atleast 3 meters distance between the ladder and the fence! When you drive through the tunnel (under runway 22R-04L) turn left at the next trafficlights by the small church. Follow the road through the small town and in under 1 minute you are at the airport fence. Planes landing on the other runway can also be seen from here, and photos are possible with a 400mm lense!


85mm zoom used. Spot 2 on the map


320mm zoom used. Spot 2 on the map

At Tömmerupvej you can take landing photos all day! The airport can not be seen from this spot! Remember to bring food and something to drink, as there are no shops there.


105mm zoom used. Spot 6 on the map


The Airport
Spotting from inside the Airport is also possible (you need a bordingpas to get in) The end of pier B offers good view of the movements. Photos can be hard to get from this point due to aircrafts parked at the gates. Pier A offers some view of the aircrafts. Pier C offers good view of the long haull flights. From the D gates the commuter area can be seen and some of the cargoaricrafts might be visible from here.
Non of the movements can be seen from the International Terminals (landside). Anyone who want to do some planespotting must go to Kystvejen or Flyvergrillen or some of the other points on the map


Tower: 118,100 118,570 119,350 | Approach: 118,450 119,800 120,250 124,970 | Final: 119,100 Depature: 124,970 | Clearence: 119,900 | Apron: 121,600
121,720 121,900


A-018 Draken RDAF | OY-STD SE210 Sterling Airways (almost gone) | OY-BVH F27 Business Flight | OY-BZW Metro 2 Muk Air | LN-PIP DC8 Chico Dan (STD/WFU)
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